February 2022

Big Tech innovators, Gig Economy, and Blockchain/Crypto enthusiasts hoped that loose regulations, massive institutional investment, and new versions of cryptocurrencies like NFT’s would create a dominating form of money. Those same people also hoped Scale delivered through Gamers would spread, disrupting legacy financial and legal processes. However, disruption occurred, like Ripple disrupting SWIFT.  For decades, SWIFT

Authorities in Russia may begin to seize funds of foreign nationals and companies that are in the country, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has indicated. His warning comes as the West continues to expend penalties imposed on Moscow over its military invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Medvedev Warns Persons and Entities From ‘Hostile’ Nations May

Contrary to some expectations, Beijing’s crackdown on the crypto mining industry has increased Bitcoin’s carbon emissions, researchers have alleged. Leaving China, miners also left behind its eco-friendly hydropower and are increasingly relying on energy generated by fossil fuels, they claim. Bitcoin Mining Allegedly Less Green Since Miners’ Exodus From China Cryptocurrency mining has become a

According to research published by Chainalysis, criminal entities hold more than $25 billion in cryptocurrencies. The blockchain intelligence firm’s study shows that there was a significant increase in crypto balances held by criminals in 2021 as the metric jumped by 266% since the year before. Chainalysis Studies Crypto Whales Holding Balances Tied to Illicit