April 2022

Following the confusion that surrounded initial reports, a senior staffer in the Central African Republic (CAR)’s presidency has now confirmed that bitcoin will become the country’s reference currency. First Country in Africa to Officially Adopt Bitcoin A press statement supposedly issued by the office of the Presidency of the Central African Republic (CAR) appeared

press release PRESS RELEASE. LD Capital has officially established LD Research which aims to conduct industry focus research, cutting-edge technology exploration, and project economic system design. LD Research will recruit development engineers, economists, and other professionals in verticals to work closely with the top team to provide economic model design, development technical support, market growth,

Crypto companies in the U.S. are reportedly seeking regulatory clarity over interest-bearing products following several companies being pulled up by the federal regulators in the past, igniting the ‘unregistered security’ debate. Reuters noted that more players are waiting to deep-dive into the space, with names like Kraken, Bitstamp, and Circle waiting in queue to launch