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Why can’t Anticheats detect your cheating software?

Because we use our own bypass methods, each user has a completely unique copy of your cheat every time it is launched.

Therefore, no anti-cheat will be able to detect the signature of your cheat program, moreover the internal source code of our programs are double encrypted with AES-256 and Triple-DES algorithms, so they are impossible to decrypt !

The internal source code has a polymorphism function, it changes values, names and functions each time, detection is therefore impossible for anti-cheats, so our cheats are: UNDETECTED, in addition to daily updates, we constantly monitor our cheat software.

Do your Cheats contain ads?

They do not contain any advertisements whatsoever and will not install anything superfluous on your computer. You will see for yourself that we are not dishonest with our visitors/users.

Is there a risk of punishment or banishment for using your cheats?

There is no risk of banning or sanctioning, except in the case of multiple reporting, because yes, the Anticheats will not detect you.

But for example if you activate the aimbot on CS:GO to kill all the players with a single shot to the head and in a split second it will look very suspicious to them and they will report you.

Are your Cheats viruses?

Stupidest question we get on a regular basis. No our programs are not viruses.

Your cheats work with a VPN?

Of course, they work without any problem with any VPN, besides we recommend the use of VPN if you want to cheat on your game.

We only recommend the use of VPN if you want to cheat without being discreet, if you stay discreet you clearly don’t need to use a VPN.

Who are you?

We are gamers just like you. But we have always been disappointed by the quality of the hacks on the internet.