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NFT Experiences: Platform Buys a Yacht for their NFT Holders

NFT experiences now include sailing into a non-fungible lifestyle. Blockchain company OverHyped have found themselves busy buying a yacht for their NFT holders to use. But… does anyone know how to pull up the anchor?

OverHyped will be purchasing a yacht in Orange County, California. This is for use by owners of their panda NFTs. The yacht purchase is part of a greater plan to have multiple uses and benefits built into NFT ownership.

NFT experiences

Danny Davis is the CEO of OverHyped. He says the NFT space is missing additional experiences. He wants the NFTs to be more than just artwork. “We wanted to give our community something to be excited about, somewhere we can all come together like Discord but in real life – where better to do that than on a yacht?”

The initial OverHyped NFT series is a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn pandas. Each panda  displays pop-culture-inspired luxury apparel and accessories. This includes monogrammed sweaters, headwear, and jewelry.

NFT experiences
The pandas in question

Every panda NFT includes blockchain apparel. So if you buy the NFT, you get a one-of-one designer hoodie that displays your unique NFT. The hoodies are tech-enabled. Users can tap their phone to the custom artwork sewn onto the sweatshirt. The phone then displays authenticity verification or a public owner profile, among other things. Says Davis, “Your digital art no longer has to only live on a hard drive.”

Other Experiences

Overhyped say that there may be another purchase of another major asset for use by the community. This is in addition to merchandise and VIP access to private OverHyped events. Such events will include festivals and conferences such as SXSW, Coachella, and VeeCon.

Overhype’s parent company, Origin Labs Inc., developed their patented digital NFC technology to verify products in industries such as retail and agriculture. The company say their staff is made up of scientists, PhDs, MDs, Venture Capitalists and packaging experts.

Buyers of the NFT pandas can choose from four pricing tiers. Each tier is based on the chance of obtaining a rare panda. Minting starts at 0.25 Ethereum and can only be done directly via OverHyped.io.

It’s hard to know if this is a really exciting development in the NFT world. Or. Is it a way to sell NFTs that no-one is buying? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we all better learn how to unfurl sails and navigate dangerous waters.

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