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Scarlet Grimoire Partners With Polygon Studios

Scarlet Grimoire was developed by the leading game engine Unreal Engine 5 and self-developed decentralized cloud ”Nebula Cloud System“ which is definitely a metaverse dark horse of this year.

Scarlet Grimoire is the first Web3 Action Battle Royale MOBA game under the Metaverse infrastructure platform “Cateverse”, in a strategic partnership with Polygon and funded by Polygon Studio, Collinstar other investment firms.

About Scarlet Grimoire

Scarlet Grimoire is the first game under Cateverse and focuses on working with an actual MOBA game.

Players not only need to work on gear level and character status but also need to practice skills to predict skills, calculate damages, dodge skills and more.

Players can also team up with other players in a group of up to 4 and fight with other squads. Players can chat and have fun with their friends or even strangers on a large map.

By participating and winning each game match, players will get token rewards. Players can spend tokens on more characters, better gears, custom items and more to explore. It will become a real game in the Web3 market. 

What makes Scarlet Grimoire so different? It also helps Cateverse self-developed decentralized cloud “Nebula Cloud System” to run the initial testing on the public.

Nebula Cloud System allows each individual computer owner to provide their idle CPU/GPU to host games, pixel streaming for cloud gaming, do rendering jobs and more.

Players who own the governance token SGF will also get projection air-drop rewards. 

Details about Nebula Cloud System

There are two major parts of cloud service that run in the current and upcoming future. 

One is functionality, we believe that future Gamefi projects will become more gaming-driven. There will be three parts, the graphic, the match and the economy.

Match-making and game session hosting services have already played an important role in Web2.0 games and they will surely become an important role in the future Gamefi projects.

Our decentralized CPU cloud service fills this role. We can help people to find the best match with the best pin value based on the CPU service provider.

The other aspect is the graphics. We know in order to make a Gamefi project live longer, it requires the project not only to have a great financial model but also to provide better graphics.

We also considered that not everyone has a great graphics card and the price for a decent graphics card is expensive. Our decentralized GPU service helps people render pixel steaming for cloud gaming.

We want everyone to be able to participate in the project.

As it was mentioned above, CPU/GPU providers will be rewarded tokens and the governance token owners will also get projection hosting token rewards in the future.

Future co-work content creator tool

We know that co-work on content is the core of Web3.0. We are also currently working on the game creator “N.A.C.C (Native Automate Content Creator)” and the character creator “Meta Me”.

Meta Me will be the one to digitize player characters as NFT. Players do not need to know how to create 3D models in Blender or Maya, they can just adjust buttons within the app and then directly mint as NFT.

There will be over 60 parts of the body and face that players can customize so you own your uniqueness. It is also allowing clothing design and NFT minting.

Meta Me also uses AI technology integrated with our trained model and pre-trained model to capture human poses and faces and then convert them into character animations.

Players can also do it at home with their own camera. All pose and face animations can also be minted as NFT and traded through our marketplace.

More importantly, with our technology, there will be no more jumping between apps and web browsers for Metamasks. Meanwhile, all the NFTs made by Meta Me can be traded and used across all our games which will be coming soon. 

N.A.C.C, our core editor tool, is planning to release the first game editor that allows players to create their own action battle royale game.

Players are allowed to use characters they created through Meta Me and materials including those we provided and imported from other 3D design tools.

As we develop further, we are going to release more game modes such as shooter games, rouge-lite games, Simulation games and so on to improve Gamefi Metaverse.

Our team

We are an international team with a variety of cultures. Our team members are mainly from North America, Singapore.

There are 60 more full-time employees on our team and most of us have a very strong technical background. We have ex-Google and ex-Amazon engineers working on infrastructure development.

As well as ex-Tencent and ex-NetEase engineers working on game development. We also have many crypto marketing and operation talents who worked for some major crypto exchange platforms.


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