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Alejandro Zelaya. Source: a video screenshot, Ministerio de Hacienda / YouTubeEl Salvador’s finance minister says he is unworried by international markets forecasters’ predictions that the country will default on USD 800 million bond payments early next, the website of the newspaper El Diario de Hoy, quoted minister Alejandro Zelaya as stating that

Source: Adobe/tieroCrypto-financial services provider Babel Finance claims to have reached certain “preliminary agreements” with “major” and “relevant” players on the repayment period of “some debts” – easing its short-term liquidity pressure.Per today’s notice by the company,“We have communicated with major counterparties and relevant customers, and reached preliminary agreements on the repayment period of

Crypto financial service provider Babel Finance has halted withdrawals and redemptions amid a market slump, soon after Celsius did the same, citing ‘liquidity pressure’ In a recent release, the Hong Kong-based crypto lender has stated that due to the ‘condition of the current crypto market, its fluctuations, and conductive risk factors faced by some institutions,’

Uniswap, one of the main decentralized finance exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, is now taking measures to ensure illegal funds cannot be transacted using its platform. The company has already started blocking addresses linked to “blocked activities” and will apply a filter with data provided by TRM Labs, a blockchain analysis firm that